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Propulsion Engines

Through a dedicated marine division, Yuchai leverage the well-funded research & development resources of the parent company to develop a large range of marine propulsion, auxiliary and power generation engines.

All engines comply with IMO emissions regulations which are currently at level 2, but level 3 engines will also soon be available in the appropriate power ranges.

The YUCHAI marine engine range uses a mix of technologies to achieve the requirements of both emissions compliance and end user preferences encompassing both traditional mechanically governed fuel systems to the latest electronic ‘unit injector’ and High Pressure Common Rail systems.

YUCHAI marine engines are designed to be rugged, reliable and easy to maintain whilst meeting the exacting requirements of the commercial marine environment whether it be fishing boats, passenger carrying vessels, ferries or workboats of any kind.

All engines carry a 24 month warranty package that is administered directly by Power Torque / Mermaid with support from the factory.

The current range available from YUCHAI starts with a 4.2 litre 4 cylinder engine rated at 32kW (45HP) and extends up to the largest 79 litre, V12 configuration engine rated at 1780kW (2420HP).

We are able to offer any engine in the range, but some of our more commonly used models include;

Model Cyls / Capacity Aspiration Power Rating Rated Speed
YC4D80-C20 4 / 4.2L Nat Asp 58kW (80HP) 2400rpm
YC6108CA1 6 / 6.8L Nat Asp 82kW (112HP) 2000rpm
YC6B165C 6 / 6.8L Turbo intercooled 120kW (165HP) 2300rpm
YC6A170C 6 / 7.2L Turbo intercooled 125kW (170HP) 1500rpm
YC6A190C 6 / 7.2L Turbo Intercooled 140kW (190HP) 1800rpm
YC6A220C 6 / 7.2L Turbo Intercooled 162kW (220HP) 2300rpm
YC6MK300C 6 / 10.3L Turbo Intercooled 220kW (300HP) 1500rpm
YC6MK320C 6 / 10.3L Turbo intercooled 235kW (320HP) 1800rpm

Auxiliary & Power Generation

Yuchai also offer a comprehensive range of marine auxiliary engines and generator sets to enable Mermaid to be able to provide full engine room packages.

The auxiliary range covers power outputs from 20kVA to 1700kVA.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.