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Hailin Power are a young and dynamic company designing and manufacturing single and twin cylinder air-cooled diesel engines in the power range from 4.2hp to 20hp.

In addition to designing the base engines, Hailin Power also design and manufacture small water pumps and generators utilising their own engines.

Their head office and manufacturing plant is based in Yixu Machinery Garden, Fuzhou and covers a combined area of 66,000 square metres.

Hailin Power are quality approved by ISO 9001: 2015CE 2006/42/ECGS/TUVEURO 5 (NSAI), and are dedicated to providing exemplary customer service in addition to designing and manufacturing low-emission & high-quality diesel products.

The range of engines are four models of single cylinder engines from 219cc capacity to 474cc and one twin cylinder engine of 997cc capacity.

All engines are available with electric start and non-regulated emissions and all of the single cylinder models are available with European Stage V emissions compliance.

Multiple PTO options are available along with a range of other optional equipment.

Hailin Power manufacture air cooled diesel water pumps, from 1.5 inch to 6 inch including clean water pumps, high pressure pumps, heavy-duty trash pumps, economic semi-trash pump and chemical pumps.

The clean water, trash and semi-trash pumps are all self-priming units made with durable aluminum alloy pump housing & pump cover, along with cast-iron impellers and diffusors, which increases pump capacity, durability and a better performance when it’s needed. The trash pumps have solids handling capability from 20mm to 27mm.

The high pressure pumps are great for irrigation, firefighting & civil engineering. They come as either single-impeller models or double-impeller models. The pump housing & cover are made with durable aluminum alloy, but have aluminum impellers and diffusors, which increases pump capacity, durability and a better performance when it’s needed. Triple discharge port is available upon request.

Chemical & sea water pumps are great for pumping chemical liquid, and used onboard ships to remove sea water. To ensure top performance in such hostile environments, the pump housing, pump cover, impeller and diffusor are all PA66 plastic material.

HAILIN diesel generators are built strong – ideal for emergency back-up, job sites, mobile equipment and multiple industrial applications.

Powered by reliable air cooled diesel engines (either non-compliant or EU Stage V compliant) with great fuel efficiency and a long operating design life they provide reliable power when you need it most.

Available as open frame mounted or in a sound attenuated weatherproof canopy either as 1-phase or 3-phase configuration and fitted with long-run fuel tanks there’s an option to suit most requirements.

Power outputs available from 1.8kVa to 11.8kVa.

Optional ATS sockets for connecting with an external automatic transfer switch.

Model Cyls / Capacity Power Rating Engine Speed
HL170FA 1 cyl / 219cc 3.1kW (4.2hp) 3600rpm
HL178FA 1 cyl / 306cc 4.4kW (6.0hp) 3600rpm
HL186FA 1 cyl / 418cc 7.1kW (9.6hp) 3600rpm
HL188FV 1 cyl / 474cc 8.5kW (11.6hp) 3600rpm
HL292FE 2 cyl / 997cc 15.6kW (20.9hp) 3600rpm
Model Type Engine Inlet / Outlet Head Suction Max Discharge Volume
HL50C Clean HL170FA 2” / 2” 8M 31M 600L/min
HL80C Clean HL178FA 3” / 3” 8M 28M 1000L/min
HL100C Clean HL186FA 4” / 4” 8M 27M 1600L/min
HL150CLE Clean HL188FVE 6” / 6” 8M 20M 2165L/min
HL40CX HP HL178FA 1.5” / 1 x 1.5” Or 2 x 1” 6M 50M 300L/min
HL50CX HP HL178FA 2” / 2” 6M 50M 400L/min
HL50HC HP HL186FA 2” / 2” 6M 70M 400L/min
HL80HC HP HL188FVE 3” / 3” 6M 65M 600L/min
HL50SPL Trash HL178FA 2” / 2” 6M 27M 700L/min
HL80SPL Trash HL186FA 3” / 3” 6M 27M 1000L/min
HL100SPL Trash HL188FVE 4” / 4” 6M 20M 1300L/min
HL50HXC Chem HL178FA 2” / 2” 8M 35M 550L/min
HL80HXC Chem HL178FA 3” / 3” 8M 28M 1000L/min
Model Type Engine Phase Rated Output Max Output
HL2500CXE Frame HL170FAE 1-Ph 1.8kVa 2.0kVa
HL4000CXE Frame HL178FAE 1-Ph 2.8kVa 3.0kVa
HL5500CXE Frame HL186FAE 1-Ph 4.5kVa 5.0kVa
HL5500CXE3 Frame HL186FAE 3-Ph 5.6kVa 6.3kVa
HL8000CXE Frame HL188FVE 1-Ph 5.5kVa 6.0kVa
HL8000CXE3 Frame HL188FVE 3-Ph 6.9kVa 7.5kVa
GF4000CXE Wheeled HL178FAE 1-Ph 2.8kVa 3.0kVa
GF5500CXE Wheeled HL186FAE 1-Ph 4.5kVa 5.0kVa
GF5500CXE3 Wheeled HL186FAE 3-Ph 5.6kVa 6.3kVa
GF8000CXE Wheeled HL188FVE 1-Ph 5.5kVa 6.0kVa
GF8000CXE3 Wheeled HL188FVE 3-Ph 6.9kVa 7.5kVa
HL5000SE Silent HL186FAE 1-Ph 4.2kVa 4.5kVa
HL5000SE3 Silent HL186FAE 3-Ph 5.3kVa 5.6kVa
HL8000SE Silent HL188FVE 1-Ph 5.3kVa 5.8kVa
HL8000SE3 Silent HL188FVE 3-Ph 6.6kVa 7.3kVa
HL12000SE Trailer HL292FE 1-Ph 9.5kVa 10.5kVa
HL12000SE3 Trailer HL292FE 3-Ph 11.8kVa 13.0kVa