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The JCB Dieselmax engine was chosen as the basis for our own range of marine engines for three main reasons;

  • It is all British designed and built coming from JCB Power Systems in Foston, Derbyshire.
  • It is designed specifically for arduous, heavy duty construction applications instead of the more commonly used automotive truck based engines.
  • It is used globally in JCB machinery so can easily be recognised and looked after anywhere in the world where you can find JCB dealers.

The choice of base engine was clearly the right one as the Mermaid J-444 range has rapidly gained a reputation for being hard working and reliable with frugal fuel consumption.

All engines are 4 cylinder in-line configuration engines with 4.4 litres capacity.

The range currently includes;

Model Aspiration Power Rating Rated Speed
J-444NA55 Nat Asp 55kW (74HP) 2200rpm
J-444NA63 Nat Asp 63kW (85HP) 2200rpm
J-444TC74 Turbocharged 74kW (100HP) 2200rpm
J-444TA93 Turbo-intercooled 93kW (125HP) 2200rpm
J-444TCAE120 Turbo-intercooled 120kW (160HP) 2200rpm