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In 2007, the KOHLER Company, purchased Lombardini engines and Lombardini Marine recognising Lombardini as a world leader in the design, development and production of small diesel engines. In particular their range of FOCS based marine engines have a superb reputation for being light weight and smooth running with excellent power outputs for their compact size.

The Lombardini Marine range is essentially targeted at the leisure markets, but with the marinisation of the latest KOHLER KDI industrial engine the result is a unit ideally suited to small commercial and fishing applications. Leveraging the vast experience of the Lombardini Marine design and development team, the KDI based marine engine range boasts cutting edge base engine design, excellent fuel efficiency and reliability.

Available in four power ratings and featuring either mechanical or electronic common rail fuel system, combined water cooled exhaust manifold & jacket water heat exchanger, gear driven sea water pump and deluxe digital control panels, the range currently includes;

Model Aspiration Power Rating Rated Speed
KDI1903M Nat Asp 30.1kW (40HP) 2600rpm
KDI2504M Nat Asp 36.9kW (50HP) 2600rpm
KDI1903TCR Turbo-intercooled 41.7kW (56HP) 2600rpm
KDT2504TCR Turbo-intercooled 55.1kW (74HP) 2600rpm