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Lombardini have been building compact diesel engines since 1933 and in November 1988 the three-millionth engine rolled off Lombardini’s production line – a massive achievement from such small beginnings.

In 2007 the company was purchased by the Kohler Group, an American multinational who recognized Lombardini as a world leader in the design, development and production of small diesel engines.

Lombardini Marine, a division of the Kohler Group, was set up with the specific aim of developing & marketing the Lombardini industrial and automotive engines for marine use. The division boasts extremely modern and well-equipped facilities plus a dedicated specialised team to create the best performing and technologically advanced products available in the market today.

Based on the proven and reliable FOCS, CHD and KDI engine ranges they are suited to many applications from racing yachts to day fishers.

Model Aspiration Power Rating Rated Speed
LDW502M Nat Asp 8.2kW (11HP) 3600rpm
LDW702M Nat Asp 13.4kW (18HP) 3600rpm
LDW1003M Nat Asp 20.1kW (27HP) 3600rpm
LDW1404M Nat Asp 26.0kW (35HP) 3600rpm
LDW2204M Nat Asp 37.2kW (50HP) 3600rpm
LDW2204MT Turbocharged 45.4kW (61HP) 3200rpm
KDI1903M Nat Asp 30.1kW (40HP) 2600rpm
KDI2504M Nat Asp 36.9kW (50HP) 2600rpm
KDI1903TCR Turbo intercooled 41.7kW (56HP) 2600rpm
KDT2504TCR Turbo intercooled 55.1kW (74HP) 2600rpm