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Kohler Engines – a KOHLER Company based in Italy – have been manufacturing engines since the 1920s. Kohler Engines produces a wide range of gaseous, gasoline and diesel engines, from 4.5 to 140 hp, which are supplied to equipment manufacturers worldwide in the lawn and garden, commercial and industrial, agricultural and construction markets.

For Stage V applications, we now offer a range of encapsulated engine packs – the ‘Silence’ range from Valdinoci. These packs are the latest generation of sound attenuated powerpacks and are ideal for a number of applications including water pumps, bulk road tankers, winches and hydraulic packs.

In addition, we also have open power units based around the KDI3404 engine.

The Valdinoci company was founded in the 1930s and have had a long relationship with Lombardini (now Kohler engines).

They identified a niche in the market for a water cooled, encapsulated, sound attenuated powerpack and set about developing a range based on the proven Lombardini / Kohler engines.

The latest third generation Silence packs are compliant with either European Stage V or EPA Tier 4F exhaust emissions requirements.

When the Kohler factory decided not to offer a factory built powerpack on the latest KDI3404 range engines, the team at Valdinoci decided to take on the task themselves.

Using the knowledge and experience gained from decades of designing and building their ‘Silence’ units a compact and cost effective solution was generated.

Available to both European Stage V or EPA Tier 4F exhaust emissions requirements, the packs come complete with all necessary exhaust aftertreatment systems and a dedicated engine control panel.

Model Cooling Configuration Power Rating
KD15-350 Air 1 cylinder 5kW / 7HP
KD15-440 Air 1 cylinder 7.5kW / 10HP
KDW502 Water 2 cyl / in-line 8kW / 10.7HP
KDW702 Water 2 cyl / in-line 11.5kW / 15.4HP
KDW1003 Water 3 cyl / in-line 17.7kW / 23.7HP
KDW1404 Water 4 cyl / in-line 18kW / 24HP
KDI1903TCR Water 3 cyl / in-line 42kW / 56HP
KDI2504TCR Water 4 cyl / in-line 55.4kW / 74HP
KDI3404TCR Water 4 cyl / in-line 105kW / 140HP
Model Engine Power Rating Emissions Compliance
K-HEM1003 3 cyl, naturally aspirated 17.7kW + 15.0kW EU Stage V & EPA Tier 4F
K-HEM2504 4 cyl, turbocharged 55.4kW + 19.5kW EU Stage V & EPA Tier 4F