Ford Gasoline engines sourced from the US product line

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Power Torque offers a comprehensive range of petrol engines from the North American Ford vehicle lines, aimed at providing small to medium sized manufacturers with the latest technology levels, cost effectively and efficiently.

These engines are sourced from Ford Motor Company through their dedicated Ford Component Sales and Ford Performance divisions so you are getting so much more than just a crate engine under a part number.  Through Power Torque’s vast knowledge and the engineering support from Ford we can assist from inception through the full development and installation process with face-to-face & telephone advice, engineering drawings, specifications, CAD models and homologation information.

The available engine range will change as the vehicle line changes, so if you are embarking on a new project it is always best to call us for the latest advice.

The most popular models in the range currently are;

Model Cyls / Capacity Aspirations Power Output
Duratec FFV 4 cyl / 2.5L Nat Asp 166ps
EcoBoost 2.3 4 cyl / 2.3L Turbocharged 310ps – 350ps
Cyclone V6 6 cyl / 3.5L Nat Asp 300ps
EcoBoost 3.5 6 cyl / 3.5L Turbocharged 410ps – 450ps
Coyote V8 8 cyl / 5.0L Nat Asp 460ps