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AGCO Power are one of the leading manufacturers of large diesel engines in the world, they have an unrivalled reputation in the market.

Power Torque are proud to be the sole UK distributor for AGCO Power engines supplying the industrial, power generation and marine markets.

We also carry stock of spare parts and provide service back up to support engines in OEM applications and for Case New Holland, Valtra, JCB, Kalmar, Massey Ferguson, Logset, Logman, Komatsu, Ljungby, Lannen and Wille.

AGCO Power is the latest branding of this great product with a proud history – you may also know them as SISU Diesel or Valmet Diesel.

  • Gen sets

  • Marine

  • Forestry equipment

  • Marine power generation

  • Zone II ATEX for oil industry

AGCO POWER engines offer clean power without compromises. They are designed for the most demanding applications because of their robust construction and proven reliability. They also offer increased power density, greater torque, reduced noise and superior fuel economy.

Now available in their 6th Generation to meet the most stringent European Stage V emissions they are also available to meet EPA Tier 4 Final for the USA.

Electrical systems must work without interruptions when human lives, safety and continuous production are at stake. If the power grid fails, the generator must step in immediately.

AG-series diesel generator sets are meant to be used for back-up and primary power. They offer reliability to agriculture, industry, hospitals, data centres, fire and rescue departments as well as water utilities, power stations and electric plants, for example. The range includes six generator sets in the power range 60–250 kVA, available as either open models for machine rooms or as canopied, ready-to-use models. Sound attenuated enclosures for AG-series include ready-to-use exhaust piping with efficient silencers.

AGCO Power has been designing, manufacturing and servicing reliable, diesel-powered primary and back-up power stations for over 60 years. They are the leading manufacturer and biggest operator in the field in Finland.

Fire protection is all about reliability. Therefore the core of the AGCO Power sprinkler pumps is their own, renowned engine that is proven to have a long lifetime and great reliability.

Diesel driven pumps for fire sprinkler duty are designed and manufactured to meet the industry norms such as CEA4001 or EN12845.

The current AGCO POWER Diesel Engine offerings encompass 3, 4, 6 & 7 cylinder in line engines with power outputs from 52kW to 365kW which have all been optimised specifically for off highway applications.

Model Cyls / Capacity Power Rating Rated Speed Max Torque
33 3 / 3.3L 52 – 85kW 2200rpm 475Nm
44 4 / 4.4L 75 – 110kW 2200rpm 650Nm
49 4 / 4.49L 95 – 148kW 2100rpm 830Nm
66 6 / 6.6L 120 – 185kW 2100rpm 1000Nm
74 6 / 7.4L 135 – 225kW 2100rpm 1200Nm
84 6 / 8.4L 200 – 298kW 2100rpm 1600Nm
98 7 / 9.8L 265 – 365kW 2100rpm 1900Nm