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VM Motori, founded in 1947, are a company dedicated to the design and production of diesel engines which are used in a multitude of applications including ‘Blue Chip’ motor vehicle manufacturers, industrial machinery, fire pumps and marine.
The LVM range of marine engines uses the VM engine at its heart and was chosen for its inherent characteristics of reliability and robustness. It is an ideal basis for the marine engine as it has the construction features of a heavy duty engine, but will run to higher speeds like that of an automotive diesel engine.
Although only a limited range, the base engines are essentially modular resulting in a high level of commonality of parts between the 4 and 6 cylinder versions.
All of the LVM engines are the result of major investments in R&D, together with the use of modern technology such as high pressure common rail fuel injection and electronic engine control and are compliant with the latest European RCD II emissions regulations.

Model Power Rating Rated Speed
ML704LI 125kW (170HP) 3800rpm
ML704LH 147kW (200HP) 3800rpm
ML704LX 165kW (225HP) 3800rpm
ML706LI 176kW (240HP) 3800rpm
ML706LH 220kW (300HP) 3800rpm
ML706LX 250kW (340HP) 3800rpm