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YC-Diesel /Yuchai was founded in 1951 and is located in Yulin, Guangxi Province; a region in the South of China, has over 9,000 employees and total assets of over 2,3 billion Euros. They were also China’s first engine manufacturer to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1994.

Although the headquarters are in Yulin, Guangxi, they also have 8 subsidiaries and production bases in areas such as Fujian, Jiangsu, Anhui and Shandong and Inner Mongolia.

Yuchai are driven by their policies of corporate responsibility and environmental awareness.  They have invested heavily in Research & Development, accelerating their emissions compliance program to ensure they meet the most stringent emissions requirements globally.

YC-Diesel is the brand name for the range of diesel & gas engines developed and produced by Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co.Ltd.  They are one of the largest engine manufacturers in the world with a production capacity of up to 500.000 units p.a. covering a power range from 18kW to 2600kW.

Yuchai have an extensive range of both G-Drive engines for power generation applications and complete generator sets in both open and canopied formats.
With prime power available from 18kW to 2400kW we are sure to have an engine or generator to suit your needs.
Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.
Please see our Mermaid Marine pages for details of the YUCHAI range of marine engines or click here

The current offering, which meets the European Stage V emissions encompasses 4 & 6 cylinder in line engines with power outputs from 26kW to 295kW.  The range is listed below;

Model Cyls / Capacity Power Rating Speed Rating Max Torque
YCR-3C11 3 / 1.0L 18.4kW 3000rpm 65Nm
YCF30 4 / 3.0L 26 – 55kW 2200-2500rpm 260Nm
YCF36 4 / 3.6L 66 – 103kW 2200-2400rpm 500Nm
YCA05 4 / 4.8L 92 – 129kW 2200-2400rpm 700Nm
YCA07 6 / 6.9L 92 – 191kW 2200-2300rpm 1080Nm
YCK09 6 / 9.4L 162 – 295kW 2000-2200rpm 1850Nm

Engines for lesser regulated territories are available in a much wider power range and are too numerous to list here so please contact us for more details.