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AGCO POWER Inc. (formerly Sisu Diesel) was founded in 1942. The company and its products were known under the Valmet brand until 1997, then re-branded under the Sisu name until 2004. Since 2004 the company has been a part of international AGCO Group.

AGCO is the third largest agricultural machine producer in the world and its well known brands include Massey Ferguson, Valtra, Fendt and Challenger all of which use AGCO Power engines which are built at the main factory near Nokia in Finland.

Environmental friendliness is the cornerstone of AGCO POWER R&D operations. AGCO Power marine engines are currently available to comply with IMO 2.  The latest IMO 3 and European Stage V compliant engines will be available early in 2021.

AGCO Power engines are also unique in the marketplace as they are the only common rail engines available that are approved to run on 100% Biodiesel with no compromise in performance.

The basic construction of the AGCO Power engines has been designed for extreme conditions from blistering equatorial heat to the harsh winters in Northern Europe. A growing number of manufacturers are choosing reliable AGCO Power engines for both propulsion and auxiliary duties.

High quality materials, advanced manufacturing processes and an eye for detail ensure excellent reliability and longevity.

Quality and environment systems are certified according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

AGCO Power 4 and 6 cylinder marine engines have been constructed for use where reliability, low operating costs, longevity and easy servicing are the most important features. When classic sturdy basic construction is combined with new generation control electronics and a modern injection system, the result is an AGCO Power diesel engine that meets even the most demanding user needs.

We are also able to still supply some of the older mechanical SISU Diesel engines for re-powering applications.

The full AGCO Range comprises;

Model Cyls / Capacity Aspiration Power Rating Rated Speed
420DSIM 4 / 4.4L Turbo Intercooled 125kW (170HP) 2400rpm
620DM 6 / 6.6L Nat Asp 96kW (130HP) 2200rpm
620DSM 6 / 6.6L Turbocharged 126kW (170HP) 2200rpm
Model Cyls / Capacity Aspiration Power Rating Rated Speed
44CTIM 4 / 4.4L Turbo intercooled 100kW (136HP) 2200rpm
49CTIM 4 / 4.9L Turbo intercooled 133kW (180HP) 2200rpm
66CTIM 6 / 6.6L Turbo intercooled 192kW (260HP) 2200rpm
74CTIM 6 / 7.4L Turbo intercooled 235kW (320HP) 2200rpm
84CTIM 6 / 8.4L Turbo intercooled 320kW (410HP) 2100rpm