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The JCB ECOMAX range of engines is ideally suited to construction, agricultural and materials handling applications which need to meet the latest emissions legislation. 

In addition, we can still supply the JCB DIESELMAX engine range for power generation and marine propulsion applications as well as emerging markets where the emissions legislation is not so stringent. 


Available now to meet Stage 3B / Tier 4i emissions compliance and ‘futureproofed’ for Stage 4 / Tier 4f compliance.

We can supply base engines, standard industrial IPUs or bespoke builds to OEM’s requirements.
The JCB ECOMAX range are all 4 cylinder units covering the power range from 55kW (74HP) to 129kW (173HP).


All JCB DIESELMAX engines meet the European Stage 3A emissions requirements.
We can supply base engines, standard industrial IPUs or bespoke builds to OEM’s requirements.
DIESELMAX engines are supplied with mechanical governing up from 63kW to 85KW and common rail electronic governing from 97KW to 120kW.
For Power Generation applications the range meets the European Stage 3 emissions limits.

Again, we can supply either base engines or G-Drive IPUs and the range covers the power band from 50kVa to 127kVa.


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jcb engines

The JCB ECOMAX range of engines is the natural progression from the technically acclaimed and highly successful Dieselmax. 

In order to meet new legislation aswell as their own requirements and those of other OEMs, JCB’s engineers have redesigned the combustion process within the engine to achieve a cleaner burn and ultimately cleaner emissions out of the engine.  This has resulted in the Stage 3B / Tier 4i engines not needing a cumbersome and costly DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). 

The key benefits to JCB as a machine builder in their own right are also relevant to OEMs and end users adopting the JCB ECOMAX engines in their machines.  Such benefits include smaller package size, reduced installation complexity, reduced fuel consumption and no requirement to swap DPFs at service intervals.

  • Crushing & Screening
  • Pumping – Irrigation & de-watering
  • Marine
  • Geotechnical Surveying
  • Materials handling
  • Airport Ground Support Equipment
  • Gen set
  • Zone II offshore flame protected
  • Vacuum excavation
  • Agriculture
  • Road planing

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